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Give the best of yourself in the wood industry! Join Loewert Industries: different trades worldwide. A responsible company with strong safety and ethical standards, diversified career development opportunities, a culture of innovation and a mission shared by all Group employees: to revolutionise the wood industry, day after day.

Des opportunités humaines et professionnelles

Discover human and professional opportunities

Our employees are critical to the success of the group. Business diversity, global presence, advanced knowledge. At Loewert Industries, we recruit the best talents and offer our employees career paths that are all very specific human adventures.



Nous attirons et fidélisons les talents

We attract and retain talents

At Loewert Industries, we consider recruitment a key issue. Our goal: to train our employees and earn their loyalty by offering many development and mobility opportunities.




Des valeurs fortes, partagées par l'ensemble des collaborateurs

Strong values shared by all employees

Sharing our values with all employees is essential to the growth and sustainability of a Company. Loewert Industries is a group that fosters diversity. Behaviour must therefore primarily be based on respect for each other.




Une présence mondiale et une forte expertise technologique

Major employer assets: a strong global presence and high technological expertise

The size of the group, its presence and involvement in high wood technology are assets that are valued by our employees and applicants. Loewert Industries offers many professional career paths: position, field, activity, countries or even profession change, everything is possible.


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