A Forward-Looking Company

Nicolas Loewert - CEO Loewert Industries

A start-up company with several decades of experience, with a constantly renewed determination to create and to revolutionise the wood industry, constantly pushing the qualitative boundaries, this is in few words the definition of our entrepreneurial approach.

Today as in the past, pushing the quality standards and excellence are now at the heart of our commitment.

Backed by a stable family shareholding, Loewert Industries has managed to renew and diversify with a real spirit of conquest to accompany the evolution of international markets. For decades, the group has been a major player, largely due to listening to its partners and its constant search for innovation.

Our passion for the wood industry is still intact. Today as in the past, creating and pushing the quality standards and excellence is at the heart of our commitment. These values govern all our initiatives; the ultimate goal of which is to serve our partners and achieve our ambitions through their successes.

This is how Loewert Industries has grown to become a major player in the wood industry, in both the fields of consumer products as well as durable goods.

Meanwhile, Loewert Industries was able to relocate part of its production to Asia in recent years in order to be closer to this emerging market. Our products enable teams of a number of companies located worldwide and all sizes to create new products in very different fields.

This desire for business and dealing with environmental issues has also enabled us to develop environmentally appropriate forest management, which is socially beneficial, economically viable and meets the needs of present and future generations.
Our sponsorship programme expresses our human commitment, our desire to contribute in a sustainable and relevant way of dealing with major societal challenges.

Our future looks like our past: increasingly more demanding, more qualitative and competitive and constantly energised by the requirements of our partners. Our progress will always be driven by the skills and experience of our employees together with our will to develop and lead from the front!

Nicolas Loewert 
Managing Director Loewert Industries